Crew helped me with the most crucial part of the project: finding designers & developers who I could trust, not only to do a good job, but achieve those results within a budget and timeline.

Adii Pienaar

When WooThemes founder Adii Pienaar came to Crew, he was looking for the right direction to take his personal site that made people want to stick around.

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There are few better ways to capture life’s most memorable moments than with the perfect photograph. But hiring a photographer, especially in a city you don’t know, is difficult at best. KYMA is here to change that.

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A bluetooth-enabled bike bell that not only tells you how to get to your destination, but crowdsources the best routes from other cyclists.

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Om Malik

How one of the internet’s most well-respected writers is going back to the roots of blogging with his newly redesigned blog.

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Nodoka secondary


How one founder is using e-commerce to help connect traditional craftsmen to the new economy.

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React.js Training

When people started reaching out to React.js Training co-founders Michael Jackson and Ryan Florence to help them understand and use React they knew they were staring at an opportunity. All they needed was the right site to make it happen.

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Let’s face it, spreadsheets suck. Which is exactly why Jason Crawford founded Fieldbook—an easier way to track and manage any amount of data.

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When his small design and development studio started getting bigger clients, Tim Chaves started to feel his cashflow get clogged up. He knew there had to be a better way, and ZipBooks was born.

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How a group of founders are using AI and conversational design to make sustainable living easier than ever.

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